showers of light

from by Old Amica



Bright light falling upon the broken windowpane

Immersed in embers falling like a willow tree

Some nights lonesome you fall into sleep

Morning broken, illuminating empty dreams

Piercing eyes

Helplessness arises

Random lives

I can see you

Bright light sparkling across an empty dance floor

Encapsulated in amber glowing from the outside

The curtains leave you open to the flood

Horrible sunshine from which the blanket lets you hide

Piercing light

Helplessness arises

Random lives

I can see you

There is a dividing line between showers of light

And the lonely stage upon which you hide

This flickering screen, it never goes out

Transmitting your smile into the cold, cold night

Showers of light


from mr028 - "fabula", released March 26, 2014



all rights reserved


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